Technomance is a Sri Lankan based company offering Telecommunication Engineering Services in regional countries including Seychelles and Maldives. Our service offering includes Optical Fiber Cable Projects, Telecom Equipment Installations, Radio Access Network Optimization, Telecommunication Tower Erections, Active & Passive Managed Services, IT solutions and Designing Machinery & Factories.

Technomance was established in 2020 with a team of experts in Telecommunication Engineering. With the expansion of Projects Portfolio, we started getting the advices from consultants in relevant industries to gather knowledge and experience, which ensured that we delivered the best service safeguarding the customer satisfaction.

The Management team in Technomance is unique. The team encompasses people from various industries, with a wide range of skills and educational qualifications. Yet, they are disciplined, focused & dedicated to achieving one goal, the success of Technomance.

The team, has played a significant role in managing the working environment to be a healthy one through a flexible organization culture, motivation of employees, being employee oriented and setting out timely strategic plans.

The utmost focus and commitment to deliver the best service to the clients, which is inherited from the Top Management to each and every employee, is the key element behind the success of Technomance.